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Drug Alcohol Rev. 2006 Mar;25(2):123-30.

Abstinence-orientated buprenorphine replacement therapy for young adults in out-patient counselling.


Unit for Addiction Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway.

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  • Drug Alcohol Rev. 2009 Mar;28(2):217. Dosage error in article text.


This study assessed treatment retention, compliance and completion of a 9-month buprenorphine replacement programme. In addition, changes in drug use and other relevant variables, as well as predictors of completion, were examined. Seventy-five opioid-dependent out-patients (mean age 26 years; 33% females) who aimed for opioid abstinence were enrolled into the study. Assessments were undertaken prior to buprenorphine induction and again at 3, 6 and 9 months. Forty patients (53%) completed the buprenorphine programme. At 9 months, 67 patients (87%) were still in counselling. Mean attendance rates for buprenorphine dosing and counselling sessions were 0.91 and 0.74, respectively. There were significant and persistent reductions in drug use during treatment with, however, a reversed tendency in the 9th month. Psychiatric problems escalated at 9 months, and three patients died during the detoxification phase. Completion was predicted by fewer previous treatment episodes. Detoxification from buprenorphine is associated with substantial psychological distress and an increased death risk. Buprenorphine replacement therapy should be continued until the patient chooses to leave, and close monitoring during the detoxification phase is essential.